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The Monster Story

In 2002, Tiger Woods won the 66th Masters Golf Tournament, Mozilla Firefox publically unveiled its now enormously popular Web browser and a small team of engineers developed the framework for a new wakeboard tower company called Monster Tower.

As avid wakeboarding enthusiasts, these engineers were unhappy about the lack of aftermarket wakeboard towers for boats. Essentially, if you wanted to wakeboard behind a boat, you had to buy a boat specifically equipped with a tower from a manufacturer or rig your own contraption – which is of course what engineers enjoy most! So they set about designing their own tower that would elevate the towrope, demonstrate solid performance, universally fit an array of boats, and be affordable.

Amid the structural tinkering, they also solicited input from rabid wakeboarders to deliver optimum performance, and from boat dealers to ensure easy and reliable rattle free installation. They even involved marketing folks to make sure the end result wasn’t butt ugly.

Thus, the first world’s first universal-fit aftermarket wakeboard tower was born and appropriately named MT1. It featured double header bars for ultimate structural support and additional mounting space for accessories. The tower legs could be moved forward or aft to accommodate the shape of the boat or to afford additional headroom. The MT1 still enjoys enormous popularity today as one of the most versatile and reliable universal-fit wakeboard towers available as evidenced by the hundreds of accolades and photos we’ve received from happy customers around the world.

However, being engineers, the work was just beginning. The team decided to expand to include accessories that would improve the functionality of the tower – including racks to keep the decks free of boards, driver mirrors to view those in tow, and of course awesome wakeboard tower speakers to crank up the volume and the fun.

Monster Towers are designed to be easy to install so you can do it yourself or rely on one of hundreds of capable Monster Tower dealers around the globe. The idea is that Monster wants you spending time enjoying yourself, not tweaking and adjusting your tower after every ride.

More than a decade later, with hundreds of accessories and a wide array of wakeboard towers, the team at Monster Tower remains committed to delivering universal- fit products of solid quality for an affordable price. In fact, each tower is back by a guarantee that says, "If you don’t LOVE your Monster Tower, we want it back!"

Monster Tower is owned by the Marine Accessories Corporation (MAC). MAC owns an array of companies that specialize in marine canvas and towing solutions. For example, Monster’s sister company Xtreme Tower Products (XTP) is the world's largest tower manufacturer responsible for the design and manufacture of the majority of wakeboard towers direct to boat manufacturers. XTP’s engineering and manufacturing expertise and the insight they have into the latest tower designs generally drives the new product development at Monster Tower. This partnership has resulted in products like the MTE Universal Wakeboard Tower, stunning MTK forward facing wakeboard tower, and the convenient Cargo Bimini Rack.

On the canvas side of the business, you have Great Lakes Boat Top that supplies most major boat manufacturers with custom canvas solutions and serves aftermarket customers with replacement canvas for those models. Westland Industries provides mooring covers and aftermarket Bimini tops sold through leading retailers.

Like Monster Tower, all MAC companies share a common goal of providing affordable quality with unsurpassed customer service. Basically, we treat customers the way we expect to be treated. That's the way it should be.

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