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Best Boats for Wakeboard Towers

Best Boats for Wakeboard Towers
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Have you been on the fence about whether you think a Monster Tower would look nice on your boat? Or maybe you’re not quite sure if your boat will accommodate an aftermarket wakeboard tower. To help you decide, we have put together the top five inboard and top five inboard/outboard sterndrive boats that work the best with our towers, but this is just a start! If your boat style is not included here but you are curious what our towers would look like on your boat you can always check our customer gallery!

In general, there are a few common things to look for when considering adding an aftermarket wakeboard tower no matter which boat you have. It is ideal to have a nice, flat deck for mounting the tower bases/legs. This mounting space should be unobstructed with no vents, wiring, gas tank fills or hoses and should provide easy access to the underside of the mounting area in order to easily install your wakeboard tower’s hardware. While this is a general overview, there are certain brands and styles that work best for pulling a wakeboarder.

Top 5 Inboards

Inboard boats are the superior style for pulling a wakeboarder - they are specifically designed for wakeboarding and watersports. Monster Towers work great on inboard boats for a variety of reasons. Inboards provide a clean wake for wakeboarding that acts as a ramp to help you get the best jumps you can. Adding a Monster Tower to an inboard enhances your jumps and overall ride by allowing you to have a higher tow point. Inboards make it easy on the driver while towing a rider by keeping a steady wakeboarding speed very efficiently without the boat wanting to plane off, especially for older boats without a cruise control option. The design of inboard boats generally work well with our tower designs, enhancing the functionality as well as the appearance of your boat!

The five manufacturers listed below are the top manufacturers of inboards by sales and popularity and are some of the best candidates for adding a Monster wakeboard tower.


malibu with monster tower

"Awesome tower. Added the monster bimini, racks and swivels. Phenomenal products. Looks and functions great. My boat is complete. Tower is super solid and install was easy."


mastercraft with monster tower

"The forward leaning MTK has been my favorite tower, very strong too. Last year I purchased the bimini and it has been a great addition."


nautique with monster tower

"I've had this tower for around 5 years and couldn't be happier. This is the second season now with the bimini addition and it looks cool and keeps you cool for sure!"


supra with monster tower



tige with monster tower

"My 2000 Tige 2300v looks unreal with your MTK on it!!!"

Top 5 Inboard/Outboard Sterndrive

While I/O boats are not ideal for pulling wakeboarders, it can definitely be done! If you’re considering adding a Monster Tower to your I/O boat, there are few things you’ll need to check to be sure your boat will accommodate the tower well. The boat should be well built with thick fiberglass. This helps avoid having to add extra reinforcements to hold the tower and decreases the risk of the tower pulling out and damaging your boat.

Solid,quality construction helps to keep your boat looking its best following the installation of your tower as well. With lower-quality boats, you might experience fiberglass damage or cracking of the gel coat as you drill into your boat’s fiberglass. Installing a tower on a high quality I/O boat will help you avoid these potential issues.

The manufacturers listed below have proven to work well with our towers and are some of the most durable, well-built I/O options.

Sea Ray

sea ray with monster tower

"Super tower - the best on my town lake"


bayliner with monster tower

"This tower completes the wakeboarding experience 100%"


chapparal with monster tower

"Installed this tower 7 years ago and took 10 years off the look of our boat! My son wakeboarded his tail off using this tower and it still looks good and structurally sound."

Four Winns

four winns with monster tower

"We’ve enjoyed countless hours of fun being pulled by our Monster Tower MT1. I highly recommend Monster Tower Wakeboard Tower & Accessories!"


tahoe with monster tower

"Excellent quality. Way better than competitors. Customer service was great as well."

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