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Board Rack Buying Guide

Board Rack Buying Guide
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One of the many benefits of having a wakeboard tower is that you can attach board racks to them. Board racks help keep the boat clear to prevent injuries, while also keeping your boards easily accessible. It is important that you get a board rack that's designed for the board(s) you plan on storing in it. There are a few things to take into consideration before deciding on the perfect board rack for your tower.

Why You Need a Board Rack

There are many benefits to having a board rack:

  • Helps prevent injuries: Having your boards laying around on the boat increases the chances of someone stubbing their toe or tripping over the board and injuring themselves. Having your boards put away on a rack can help prevent injuries from happening and keep the fun rolling!
  • Keeps your boards in better condition: Having a board rack helps prevent your boards from getting scratched or damaged. It also ensures that your boards are drying out properly which helps prevent mold from forming on your board.
  • Provides comfort and convenience: Having your boards put away on a rack helps open up more space on the boat, allowing passengers to be more comfortable and more people to be able to fit on the boat.


When considering what board rack is right for you, it is important that it is well-made. Your board rack should be made of anodized aluminum to help prevent corrosion and be durable. Some racks may be made out of stainless steel or aluminum, which are also rust-proof, however they do not help prevent corrosion like anodized aluminum. Having a brushed finish on your board rack will help prevent fingerprints, scuff marks, and scratches helping to keep your rack looking new. Your board rack should have a rubberized insert in the fork area that holds your boards. This helps prevent scuffs, scratches, and marring to the surface of your boards. The best mounting hardware for board racks is high quality stainless steel for maximum strength and longevity. Monster Tower's board racks adhere to the highest level of quality to ensure long-lasting, safe storage for your boards.

Rack's rubber bumpers

Board Type

When shopping for a board rack, you'll find that there are board racks specially designed to accommodate specific board types as well as universal fit racks. While universal board racks can get the job done, we recommend you get the type of rack that is tailored to the board(s) you are planning on storing in order to provide the most security for your gear. Board racks are available to accommodate wakeboards, surfboards, kneeboards, water skis, and more. If you plan on having more than one type of board onboard, you may be able to find a combo rack or you could do one of each kind of rack - the possibilities are truly endless and only limited by your available mounting space.

Fixed vs. Swivel

You can also choose between a fixed or swiveling board rack. Fixed board racks stay in place and store your boards on the outside of your tower. Although these racks are more affordable, it can be more difficult to retrieve your boards from them. Swivel board racks, on the other hand, allow you to swing your board rack inside the boat for easier loading and unloading. Swivel racks also help prevent damage when docking, storing, and hauling your boat. In some cases, there are swivel adaptors that can be added to transform your fixed board rack into a swiveling board rack for added convenience.

swivel adaptor

Securing Your Board

Finding the right fit for your board can be a challenge if your rack is set in a static position - especially if you have a board that falls outside of the standard adult size range (like a child's board, for example.) In cases like these, adjustable-width forks are incredibly helpful in finding the perfect fit for your equipment. Monster Tower racks offer the option of setting the forks that hold your board wider apart or closer together in order to customize the way the board is cradled. This adjustable fork width lets you find the exact right fit for your board.

There are a few different ways that a board rack can secure your board - bungee cords, levered clamps, and telescoping arms. One option of securing your board is bungee cords. Monster Tower racks include two notches where this cord can be set - providing a tight fit even on smaller, child sized boards. While bungee cords are the most cost-effective they can loosen over time, eventually decreasing the security of your boards. If this happens, replacement bungee cords are available to keep your rack functioning like new. Levered clamps and telescoping arms offer a more secure hold and are more durable and convenient. Levered clamps secure the top of the board against the rack's bottom surface, while telescoping arms secure the board vertically by a mechanism on the top of the board rack.

rack bunjee cord

Attaching Your Rack

Another consideration to keep in mind when deciding on which board rack is right for you is how it attaches to your tower. Certain board racks may only work on their manufacturers' towers. In many of these cases, mounting points are integrated into the tower and are designed to secure specially designed board racks. However, if you're looking for a rack that will fit a variety of towers, there are also universal board racks. Universal clamps are designed to fit a wide range of towers as well as offering flexibility in the position and angle of your board rack. This allows you to position the board rack in the most convenient place for you. Universal board racks are also a great option for upgrading racks on an older tower.

Tower bracket

Ready to Find Your Perfect Board Rack

Now that you know what to look for in a board rack, you are ready to find the perfect rack for you! Monster Tower offers a wide variety of board racks that offer a standard fixed option or can be upgraded with a swivel adaptor to provide optimal access and convenience. Our board racks adhere to all of the highest-quality construction guidelines for the best possible performance and protection of your gear.

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