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Everything You Need to Know About Wake Shaping

Everything You Need to Know About Wake Shaping
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Now that you have mastered your wakeboarding, are you ready to perfect your wakesurf wave? Wake shaping is manipulating the wake behind the boat to mitigate turbulence for smoother rides. In this post, we’ll discuss everything about wake shaping from what it is, to wake shaping device options, to getting started with your wake shaper.

What is Wake Shaping?

When you are on a boat - or being pulled behind it - there are two streams of water that are created from the motor. These two streams flow outwards and come together in the middle to create turbulence - this is the white wave that is in the center of the wake behind the boat. Similar to aviation where turbulence is not something anyone wants - it is the same with boating and wake sports.

Wake shaping is accomplished when a device (wakesurf wedges or ballast systems) are installed to manipulate the way the water is pushed from the boat’s motor. A ballast system is a pump that adds weight to the boat by collecting water and pushes the hull deeper into the water to create a bigger wake. In addition to the pump, ballast bags can be placed on the sides of the boat as well. These can be added onto the vessel in a variety of places to disperse weight as desired.

man wakesurfing behind supra boat with surfmode wake shaper

Wakesurf wedges, on the other hand, are typically fin-shaped plastic devices with suction cup attachments that are easy to install on one side of the boat. Instead of two streams of water being pushed out from the boat's hull and meeting in the middle, the wake shaper is placed on one side of the boat providing more power to a single stream behind the boat. This results in less turbulence and a much longer and smoother wave for wake surfing.

Benefits of Wake Shaping

Wakesurfing should be fun - especially once you have perfected getting up on the waves and staying up. Too much turbulence in the waves can make your ride less enjoyable. That is where wake shapers come into play.

First, using a wake shaper means getting the perfect wave the first time, everytime. There is no more messing with the ballast weights and positions. You know what we are talking about, no more having people move around on the boat or moving things so that the weight onboard helps make that perfect wake for anyone behind. Using the shaper means that no matter what is onboard, you will get the perfect wave.

Another benefit is being able to easily adjust the shaper’s positions on the bottom of the boat to fit whomever is surfing. With wake shapers, you no longer need to own a dedicated surf boat to enjoy exciting wakes or accommodate wake surfers of all skill levels. The shapers can be easily repositioned.

Additionally, wake shapers make the waves consistent. No more time is spent trying to figure it all out while driving the boat or having someone go first to figure it out. Nor is there anymore chasing waves. With a wake shaper, you can get the best waves consistently. Along with having consistent waves and no longer needing to distribute weight onboard. All of the hard work is done for you with the wake shaper.

Common Wake Shaping Devices

There are a variety of wake shaping devices out there. The type of boat you have will determine which device may work best for you. These devices cost anywhere from three hundred to a thousand dollars - which is still less expensive than a different boat - making it easy for nearly any boater to get started with water sports. The most important thing to look for when shopping for a wake shaping wedge is its compatibility with your boat's hull. The shapers use suction cups to adhere to the bottom of the boat; so a flat smooth surface is needed for most wake shapers to stick to.

While there are wake shaper wedges, there are also ballast systems that can be used to weight the back of the boat down and create wake. Some boats come with these systems already installed; if not, they can be added on. A ballast is a type of storage within the vessel that displaces the hull deeping the water to change the size and shape of the wake. Typically, a ballast system uses a pump of some sort to do this, but people can also add ballast bags onto their boat for a disbursement of weight. The more weight, the bigger the wake.

Monster Tower has recently become the exclusive distributor for the SurfMode Maverick Wake Shaper. This patent-pending wake shaping system uses single-side expulsion and suction technology to change your boat’s wake. Its universal design allows it to work with essentially any boat out there. SurfMode is the industry’s first lateral displacement surf system and has two wings that are used to produce the best quality wake. SurfMode has two parts: a large back wing, and a smaller front wing - these pieces work together to make one surf wave.

surfmode maverick wake shaping system

Previous wake shapers do not use the lateral displacement technology that SurfMode does. This creates longer, wider, and stronger wakes for your wake surfing experience. Additionally, its slick design makes it easy to mount to any hull - even curved ones.. Because SurfMode has two wings, less stress will be placed on your boat engine due to needing less ballast weight. Additionally, the wave produced is longer and thus, further away from the engine so the rider is safer.

Getting Started with Your Wake Shaper

Once you have decided on the best device for your boat, you will be able to experiment with it and learn how it can create the perfect wave for you. You may have to reposition it a few times until you find the perfect spot. Once you have the spot down, you will consistently get smooth, long and less turbulent wakes. When getting started, make sure to read through the manufacturer instructions to properly install and use the wedge. Also, you will want to make sure all weight is even onboard so you can learn how the wedge works. It is important to note there are specific water depths needed for most wake shaper devices. If you need help or want to try a different position with the wedge, try reaching out to the device manufacturer for tips and tricks.

Ready to Hit the Water with Your Wake Shaper?

Now that you have your device, you are ready to go. Wakesurf shapers are the perfect way to level up your wake surfing experience. You can get consistent waves every time you’re on the water which gives you more time to perfect your sport. With the added safety and consistent wake benefits, what else do you need to make the jump and add a wedge to your boat? If you are looking for better efficiency when it comes to wakesurfing, a wake shaper may just be the answer for you.

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