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Get Ultimate Support with HangTyte™

Get Ultimate Support with HangTyte™
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Prevent Water Pooling with HangTyte™

Made by wakeboarders for wakeboarders, Hangtyte™ is the ultimate support solution for wakeboarders on the go. This patented design combats water pooling for boats with towers and other overhead structures. Pooling water creates a breeding ground for mildew and mold, which is unhealthy for you and your boat cover. Collecting water also adds unnecessary weight and pressure, which causes the fabric fibers to spread. Support for your boat cover is imperative.

Professional wakeboarder, Cobe Mikacich, needed an efficient tool that would help him quickly cover and uncover his boat. Boat support poles were not conducive to Cobe’s wakeboarding lifestyle, since you are forced to crawl under the cover and set up poles. Over time, Cobe not only ended up losing pieces in the water, there was unnecessary stress added to the boat cover, which lead to rips and mildew seeping into the upholstery. Heavy rainfall can cause support poles to not work as effectively, causing the cover to sag. To remedy his dilemma, Cobe patented the only boat cover suspension device.

How Does HangTyte™ Work?

HangTyte™ works by affixing the patented clamshell to your cover. Then you take the line around your wakeboard cover plyon and ratch it tight to remove indentations where water can collect. Once installed HangTyte™ is a permanent part of your boat cover and is easy to use. Keep your boat and cover looking better longer with HangTyte.

HangTyte™ Patented Design Features

  • Eliminates Places Where Water Can Collect

    The Hangtyte™ pulley system pulls your boat cover taut. This tight hold will prevent water from collecting on your cover. Water pooling leads to an ineffective boat cover, which can eventually harm your boat. The HangTyte™ suspension system will keep your cover elevated even after a heavy rainfall. Adverse weather conditions often cause poles to fall.

    hangtyte on wakeboard boat

  • No Poles or Climbing Under Canvas; Draws Tight With a Ratcheting Line.

    Climbing underneath your boat cover to put up support poles can be frustrating and time consuming. You have to get the poles perfectly centered, otherwise they will cause the cover to sag or even fall. HangTyte™ eliminates this problem and provides a tight cover each time.

    installing boat cover with hangtyte

  • Install in Minutes.

    The rope ratchet system can be looped over a boat's tower or any structure overhead. Once pulled tight, HangTyte™ keeps the cover tight, and the inside of your boat dry.

    hangtyte is pulled tight

  • Inexpensive Way to Increase the Life of Your Mooring Cover and the Beauty of Your Boat.

    Hangtyte™ is a permanent solution for your boat. Pieces to boat support poles can get lost, leading to more money spent on replacements. HangTyte is a one-time cost and installs permanently to your cover, preventing loss.

    hangtyte malibu boat cover

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