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Improve Wakeboarding Safety with a Wakeboard Tower Mirror

Improve Wakeboarding Safety with a Wakeboard Tower Mirror
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Although often overlooked, mirrors are one of the most important accessories to have on your wakeboard boat. Keeping your rider in full view is a critical safety measure and especially if you’ll be both driving the boat and spotting the rider, a rear view mirror is going to make that job significantly more comfortable.

Instead of craning your neck and twisting back and forth to watch both the rider and other boats on the water, keep reading to find out why a wakeboard tower mirror could be right for your boat.

Improve Your Rider’s Safety with a Wakeboard Tower Mirror

Rider safety is a top priority when it comes to enjoying a day on your wakeboard boat. Adding a wakeboard tower mirror is one of the easiest and most affordable investments you can make in the safety of your boat and its occupants. Here are just a few of the ways that adding a mirror can improve the wakeboarding experience:

  • Easily communicate with hand signals at a glance. Communication between rider and driver is key to keeping everyone safe on the water. By adding a wakeboard tower mirror, you’ll be able to closely monitor your rider to know if they need an adjustment in speed, want the boat to turn, or are ready to head back to the dock.

  • Be immediately aware when you have a fallen rider who needs assistance and quickly respond to their needs. Without a rear view mirror, you may waste precious time responding to the needs of your rider. In most cases, a fall will simply result in a waterlogged rider, but in rare cases that involve injury to the rider, those few lost moments can be critical.

  • Stay alert to what’s happening around you on the water - both ahead and behind - in the same line of sight. Even though paying attention to your rider is important, the boat’s driver can’t lose focus on what’s happening in the immediate vicinity. By keeping everything visible in a single line of sight you’ll be more prepared to react to anything going on around you.

Which Mirror is Right for Your Boat?

To ensure that there’s a mirror perfectly suited to every boat, you have some options when selecting a wakeboard tower mirror. The mirror you choose will depend largely on the style of your tower and boat. The most common mirror styles are: tower-mounted and windshield-mounted.

Tower-Mounted Mirrors

Tower-mounted mirrors are ideal for owners of cage-style wakeboard towers who are looking to add visibility behind their boat. By mounting to your tower’s leg, these mirrors not only save your windshield from scratches and damage, but also provide superior positioning to watch your rider behind you.

Our CIPA-style mirror is a perfect example of this - fitting the industry-standard 2.5-inch tubing of Monster Towers and available with universal inserts to fit a variety of other tubing diameters. This mirror mounts directly to the front legs of the tower and can be easily installed, repositioned, and removed with the use of a quick release mount.

wakeboard tower mounted mirror from monster tower

Windshield-Mounted Mirrors

Windshield-mounted mirrors are a more universal option for those whose wakeboard towers can’t accommodate a tower-mounted mirror (whether that’s due to tubing diameter, tower style, or another factor.) They’re also a great solution for adding visibility to boats that might not have a wakeboard tower installed.

These mirrors easily clamp onto the boat’s windshield and provide a wide frame of view behind the boat. For example, our Pro Combo - 100 Windshield-Mounted Mirror offers a 100-degree field of view and superior optical clarity for the best possible view.

ptm edge pro combo 10 boat windshield mirror

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