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How-to Clean Your Wakeboard

How-to Clean Your Wakeboard
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Simple Steps to Keep Your Wakeboard Looking Fresh

Wakeboards are made to withstand marine environments, however, basic maintenance is necessary to keep your board in tip-top shape. A wakeboard that isn’t properly cared for can cost you more in the long run and negatively affect your riding experience. Follow these simple steps to keep your wakeboard as good as new!

  • Rinse with Freshwater

    Everything needs to be rinsed after being in saltwater, so your wakeboard is no different. Make sure to rinse the fiberglass with freshwater but pay extra attention to the bindings and fin hardware. Salt water can corrode metal or chrome fittings, which leads to costly repairs and loose fittings. Avoid this by rinsing salt from any metal parts.

  • Keep Sunscreen Away

    Lotions and oils need to stay away from your bindings at all costs. Oil can deteriorate the rubber in your bindings and make them slippery. Lubricated bindings can cause the rider's foot to slide out, making it hard to control the board. You either want both feet to come completely out of the boots when you crash or both feet to stay in the boots to avoid injury. One foot in and one foot out is very dangerous during a crash!

  • Check for Wear and Tear

    Inspect the board and bindings for cracks or tears before heading out for the day. Boards can break, just from going big or landing awkwardly. Breaks usually start as slight cracks near the mounting location of the boots/bindings. Same with boot/bindings, check for tears or cracks. Riding with even the smallest tear can completely trash the board. While looking for tears, it is good practice to make sure the binding hardware and wakeboard fins are secure. Fins will sink immediately if they come off of the wakeboard, and you sorta need those to ride.

  • Store in the Shade

    Wakeboards spend a lot of time in the sun while out on the water, so make sure to store in the shade when you are back at the dock. The sun will oxidize the color on your wakeboard over time, but this can be delayed with proper precautions. Keep your board vibrant by waxing once a season. Regular Carnauba wax will suffice and help lock in your wakeboard’s color.

Following a maintenance schedule can help keep your wakeboard looking fresh for years. It only takes a little bit of time, and is worth it if you found the right wakeboard for you!

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