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Teaching Kids How to Wakeboard

Teaching Kids How to Wakeboard
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Wakeboarding is one of the most exhilarating water sports out there – it is also one of the most intensive to learn. One of the most important pieces of advice for anyone looking to start out is to never give up. If you fall, get back up, no matter how many times it takes to finally get up and stay up.

While wakeboarding might seem like a sport geared toward teenagers and or adults, it is very possible for kids to get in on the action too. Some even start teaching their kids around age five. It might take a bit longer to teach them, but we are here to share all the tips and tricks so your kiddo can enjoy the waves with you too.

Choosing the Right Kids Wakeboarding Gear

Since younger children are smaller, there is specific gear that would be best for them when it comes to wakeboarding. First, they’ll need a board. There are kid-sized boards available that will be best for your little ones. These ones are going to be more proportionate for their bodies versus a full-sized board. Most kids boards are going to be under 50” long - usually around 48” to 49”. They also will allow the boots to be placed closer together than a typical adult board; as well as being more narrow so their smaller boot size will fit better. Beginner boards also have a middle fin which helps with stability. This is another good thing to look for when purchasing a board for your kid.

To go along with the board, it is crucial to have the appropriate sized life vest for kids too. Choosing the proper life jacket for your kid follows the same process as finding yours. You will want to make sure it fits properly in all the right places – meaning, you want it to be snug but not too tight (remember, it does stretch out a little bit when wet). When getting your little one to try on their jacket in-store or at home, it will need to be snug and semi hard to breathe, because of it loosening when it gets wet. Additionally, have them reach their arms above their head to see how much their jacket moves. This is a good indicator of how snug it is. Another test is to zip it while dry - you should have to tug on the zipper to get it up and if so, this also indicates a good fit. Have your child move around a good bit to test how it handles their body movements. Remember, you do not want it too loose so it can slip off over their head, but also do not want it too tight either.

Finally, the tow rope. It is recommended for kids to start off with a shorter rope. This makes it easier to handle and help them while they are first learning; as well as getting them up on the board faster. With a shorter rope, you can get them the handle easier when they fall as well.

Tips & Tricks for Teaching Kids to Wakeboard

When beginning wakeboarding, it is crucial to start slow when driving the boat. You will want your kids to get used to being pulled in the water while gripping the handle and standing on the board. With this process, eventually, they will learn that they can push back against the water while squatting on the board and use that momentum to get up on top of the water. Once they can consistently get up out of the water, your kid can move on to the longer rope.

Another tip is having someone else in the water to help the kiddo get settled and positioned on the board. This person can also give some directions while the kid starts to work on getting up on the board. When (not if) they fall, this person will be around to help make sure they are okay and help with getting them ready to try again. It is recommended to only have one person giving directions so the child can focus. Any others can share encouragement and excitement. Let the kids know that it is okay to keep trying until they get the hang of it; and remember, breaks and rest are helpful as well.

boy with wakeboard in water

While helping your kid get their feet into the board boots, a solid trick would be using dish soap. Using the soap will help gently glide their feet into the boots – because we all know how hard it is cramming our own feet into boarding boots, let alone trying to get your kids into them. Once they can easily get their feet into the boots, it will make learning the process all that much easier.

If you are planning a day out on the water with a variety of activities, maybe try keeping the tube out of the boat until after you and the kids try boarding. If they cannot get up the first few times or they fall and get frustrated, they might be tempted to give up trying in favor of the simpler and more passive act of tubing. Certainly don’t push your kids past their limits, but make sure they give wakeboarding a solid try if it is something they are truly wanting to pursue.

Remember, wakeboarding takes some practice and patience. Once your child is confident in their abilities to wakeboard, they can learn tricks and have even more fun on their lake days. Be sure to check out our beginner’s guide to choosing the right wakeboard gear if you’re ready to get started wakeboarding.

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