Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Crank up the tunes on your next lake day with a set of high-powered, wakeboard tower speakers. Choose from a variety of styles in single- and double-barrels to find the right setup for your boat.
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  1. Wet Sounds 8in. Free Air Marine Subwoofer

    As low as $199.99
  2. Wet Sounds 10in. Free Air 2 Ohm Marine Subwoofer

    As low as $349.99
  3. Wet Sounds 12in. 2 Ohm High Power Marine Subwoofer

    As low as $449.99
  4. Wet Sounds 12in. 4 Ohm High Power Marine Subwoofer

    As low as $449.99
  5. Wet Sounds REVO 10 HP | 10in. High Power Marine Subwoofer

  6. Wet Sounds 10in. Free Air 4 Ohm Marine Subwoofer

    As low as $349.99

6 Items

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Set Descending Direction

What are the differences between single and double barrel speakers?

Sound experience is the main difference between single and double barrel speakers, and not just because one has twice the amount of speakers. Monster Tower’s double barrel speakers come with a swivel mount which allows the speakers to easily face two different directions at once. This feature ups the sound quality by letting you hear your playlist from all sides. The single and double barrel speakers both share the same quality components and anodized or powder coated cans.

Which amp do I need?

Get the most out of your boat tower speakers by backing them up with the right amplifier. Investing in an amplifier will cut down on sound distortion and help you avoid bogging down your boats’ radio system. The main key when searching for the right amplifier is identifying whether you have single or double barrel speakers. Double barrel speakers will require at least a 400W, 4 channel amplifier. Single barrel speakers will require (yes, you guessed it!), half that amount with at least 200W, and 2 channels. If you ever plan to upgrade to double barrel speakers, we advise you go ahead and get the 400W, 4 channel amp. You can always go up in size, but never down!

Do these work with my current boat speaker system?

Wake tower speakers will work with your boat’s current sound system. Technically, you do not need an amplifier for your tower speakers, and you can run it off the head unit or existing amplifier. However, if you want to hear your music over the engine and from 60 feet back, which is the length of the shortest wake rope, you will want to have an amp.

I don’t have a monster tower, will these speakers still work on my tower?

Yes! Monster Tower is all about universal accessories. If you have a tower with rounded tubing, then all you need to know is the outside diameter of your tower’s tubes to get these speakers to work. You can find universal inserts that work with our boat tower speakers here, so towers from 1.625” to 2.5” can still get the best sound on the water.

What does the installation process look like?

Installing your wake speakers is relatively simple, but can require a little drilling and wiring. The MTK towers are pre-drilled, but if you have any other tower, you will need to drill holes on the top section, 3” in from the welds. This allows you to run the wiring system through the tower’s legs, eventually connecting to the amplifier or head unit if you choose to forgo an amplifier. We provide detailed instruction on wiring that comes with each order.

How do I take care of my wake tower speakers?

Even though the speaker cans are anodized or powder coated, there are a few things to keep in mind each wake season. Salt water can be tough on speaker cans, so after each use in salt water, rinse then dry to cut down on water spots. We recommend that at the end of each season to rinse with water and mild soap. Anodized and powder coated cans never need to be polished. For maximum protection around the clock, our single barrel speaker covers or double barrel speaker covers will get the job done without dampening sound.

Which should I get: Polk, Wet Sounds, or Kicker?

Each of these brands are trusted names in the marine speaker game, so no matter which brand you choose, the speakers are going to have top-notch components that stand the test of time while projecting quality audio. Even though each brand has something to offer, only one can be the best. Wet Sounds has a leg up on competition, with a solid sub that produces a richer sound. Polk and Kicker both have a donut shaped sub, so the sound isn’t going to be quite as robust as Wet Sounds. If you still can’t decide, lots of our customers choose to match their tower speakers to their existing boat sound system. All of our speakers are water resistant, marine certified, 6.5”, and available in black powder coat or anodized polish.

What does powder coated and anodized mean?

Anodized and Polished

You get value with Monster Tower speakers. Very few other marine speaker providers anodize their cans, which helps them cut down on production costs, but this process is a must to avoid corrosion. Take a look at what happens when speakers are not anodized. Anodizing gives the aluminum a protective coat, so our speakers have a durable and corrosion-resistant shield around them. Most speaker cans require polish, but anodized cans do not ever need to be polished. Aluminum is an ideal metal to use as a speaker can, since it is resilient by nature.

Black Powder Coat

Powder coat shares the same protective properties as the anodized cans, but the manufacturing process differs. The black powder coat is literally baked onto the metal at 500 degrees, which creates a durable and impenetrable coat. This coat is excellent in tough, wet environments, which is why car manufactures use this same tactic to coat thier car wheels.

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