Wakeboard Tower Racks

When you're going to store your boards is an important consideration on any boat. Choose a Monster Tower rack that mounts to your tower for out-of-the-way storage that will keep your board secure and protected.

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  1. Replacement Bumper Kit for Wakeboard Rack

  2. Replacement Bumper Kit for Wake/Surf Combo Rack

  3. Replacement Bumper Kit for Kneeboard Rack

  4. Replacement Bumper Kit for Water Ski Rack


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What is the difference between fixed wake racks, swivel wake racks, and cargo racks?

Fixed vs Swivel

Fixed and swivel racks are comparable, but the mount is one key difference. Our fixed racks have options that will hold wakeboards, water skis, kneeboards, or surfboards, and all of these racks can be turned into a swivel rack with the swivel mount. This type of mount makes it easier to get your boards from inside the boat, since the swivel mechanism will turn towards you, unlike the fixed rack mount. Both racks are anodized, feature a quick release mechanism, and thick rubber bumpers. Monster Tower racks also offer a 5-year warranty, unlike cheaply made racks.

Cargo Rack

The Cargo Rack Bimini has a different storage system than our wake tower racks. This is a rack and bimini in one, with a bungee cord system on top that will stretch to fit two kneeboards, surfboards, water skis, or wakeboards. You can also fit one inflatable in the bungee system.The cargo rack bimini gives passengers less headroom but will still help with deck space. Can be taken down very quickly. The Cargo Rack Bimini is a universal option that will fit any tower, especially cage towers.

Why do I need a wake rack?

Wake racks give your boards protection without having to sacrifice deck space. Boards get dings and scratches in them when they are laying on the deck. The rubber bumpers keep your boards safe while out on the water so you won’t see unnecessary wear and tear on your boards. Any water lover also knows that the boat fills up really fast. Wake racks are the best way to avoid stubbed toes and maximize deck space.

I don’t have a Monster Tower, will these wake racks work with my tower?

Yes! Our universal inserts will help our fixed racks fit any tower with round tubing from 1.625” to 2.5” (Universal Inserts do not work with the Swivel Wakeboard/Surfboard Rack). The aforementioned universal inserts do not work with the swivel rack, but if you know your tower’s tubing size, we make a different insert in sizes ranging from 1 7/8" to 2.5" that fits in the swivel mount. The Cargo Rack Bimini is universal to fit any wakeboard tower, especially cage towers.

What does anodized mean?

We are big on anodizing here at Monster Tower. This feature is an added value that very few other wake racks have. Anodized aluminum fares very well in marine environments, because the aluminum is resilient in nature, and the anodized finish creates a corrosion-resistant shield around them. Marine environments are tough, so your racks need to be too, if they are going to last.

How do I know my board will fit?

Depending on your water sport, the forks on each rack will adjust to fit the length of your board. Wakeboard tower racks will fit boards up to 1.25” thick, kneeboard racks fits boards up to 4” thick, and the surfboard board rack will fit any board up to 2 3/4” thick. The Cargo Bimini Rack’s bungee system will stretch to fit two boards or set of skis.

What if I need to remove for storage?

All of our swivel or fixed racks have a quick release mechanism, so they can be removed for storage or trailering in seconds. The swivel racks can swivel towards the boat, so they do not jut out during travel. The Cargo Rack Bimini’s fast removal is made possible with a ball-and-socket system that attaches to the tower.

Do wake racks require maintenance?

Seasonal Cleaning

The wake racks are anodized, so luckily there is minimal maintenance required. Each season you should wash with mild soap and water, and make sure to always rinse with clean water after usage in salt environments.


Proper care during transportation will help cut down on any wear and tear during trailering. We recommend using the quick release mechanism to remove the fixed racks during trailering or investing in some wakeboard rack covers. Made of outdoor poly, these covers are made to fit any wake tower rack. Swivel racks can be rotated inside of the boat and the cargo rack bimini can be removed and easily installed once at the water.

Tighten Hardware

Tighten clamps on racks and check quick release mechanism after 30 hours of use.

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