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2015 Ride Like a Monster Sweepstakes

2015 Ride Like a Monster Sweepstakes
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We got to spend three days at Freedom Wake Park in Orlando, FL training with wakeboarding legend Cobe Mikacich and rider Tarah Mikacich. Check out some footage from their trip!

Video Transcript

So, we want to thank Monster Tower for putting on the sweepstakes, you guys here won it and you just got done doing a 3-day camp at Freedom Wake park.

Okay we have been out here all day long it’s been awesome we got Dave who actually won it and then invited Ricky to come out live and we just had a great time, yeah, a great it was awesome we did a ton of riding the weather was perfect and what do you think Dave it’s your first time to Florida, what do you think?

Dave: Yeah, its beautiful out here but, Cobe and Tarah was like the nicest people who I have ever met and I got personalized wake board training that I could ever imagine, and to be honest I can’t wait to come back.

The 2.0 set up was killer, I was super stoked they got one. I got one I want one at home now, well my favorite part is that every day we came out to this lake here it was perfect the conditions were perfect it was glassy the water was perfect every day and just the personalized training that I got from both Tarah and Cobe was just more than I expected.

Dave here was doing awesome got his toe-side wake jumps dialed and his back roll was dead on.

Seeing a different perspective on it, just sorted it out and it was a lot of fun and I will be back.

Sweet man, well Monster thank you very much we had a great week and can’t wait to do this again.

Thank you, Monster Tower!

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