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How-to Choose the Right Amp for Marine Speakers

How-to Choose the Right Amp for Marine Speakers
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Turn It Up with The Right Amplifier

Safely rock the boat by choosing the right amplifier for your marine speakers. Investing in an amplifier for your single or double barrel speakers means you will have great sound at a high volume. Speakers that do not have amplifiers to back them up have a tendency to get distorted, while taking away power from your boat’s existing radio system. Amps are recommended for single and double barrel speakers, since you will want to turn up while riding, at the party cove, or when you are just relaxing on the water.

After you decide which speakers are right for you, find out which amplifier will work best with your wake tower speakers in our handy guide!

Single Barrel Marine Speakers

Our single barrel speakers are made with the best components on the market. Investing in marine grade speakers is a great way to get quality sound for years to come, so make sure you extend their life with at least a 2 channel, 200 W amplifier. If you are aiming to upgrade your system to double barrel speakers overtime, a larger amplifier will still back up single barrel speakers, while saving you from buying two amplifiers.

single barrel marine speakers on wakeboard tower

Double Barrel Marine Speakers

Double barrel speakers are the way to go if you desire a more surround sound experience. They have two speakers instead of one, with a swivel mount to point the speakers in opposite directions. All of that sound requires a 4 channel, 400W amplifier. Double barrel speakers are an investment, so protect them for as long as you can to get the most out of them.

double barrel marine speakers on wakeboard tower

If you want to turn it up you are going to need an amplifier. Marine speakers are made to be loud, so that you can hear them on the water! Get the most out of your speakers with a marine amplifer.

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