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How to Clean Up the Look of Your Wakeboard Tower

How to Clean Up the Look of Your Wakeboard Tower
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Adding a wakeboard tower to your boat definitely adds to the amount of fun you can have out on the water! After you installed the tower, you might even want to enhance your boating experience even more by adding other accessories to make the time spent on your boat the best it could be, from a bimini top to block out the sun to marine speakers so you can easily listen to music. But is your tower taking away from the beauty of your boat? It doesn’t have to if you follow our advice on how to clean up the look of your wakeboard tower. Keep reading to learn more about making your boat’s tower even more aesthetically pleasing.

Add Booties to the Tower Base

monster tower base booties

Once you’ve installed the wakeboard tower on your boat, you still want a streamlined look. Since you had to drill the tower into the boat, you may have unattractive hardware that sticks out like a sore thumb. To keep every part of your boat and tower looking neat and clean, you need a way to cover up the hardware that keeps your tower in place. With our Monster Tower booties, you can hide the installation hardware on each leg of the tower, creating a factory-finished look. Not only will these booties make your tower look better, they will protect the hardware since they are UV resistant.

Tighten Straps on Biminis

A bimini top not only protects you from the rays of the sun, it can also add to the overall look of your tower. Although, biminis can start to sag or flop around while you’re out on the water if they are not properly secured. To prevent unsightly sagging, you should properly tighten the rear straps on your bimini top. You’ll also want to secure the straps once you’ve tightened them to keep them out of the way.

Hiding Accessory Wires

If you have recently added any accessories to your tower, like speakers or lights, you may have wires that show. These wires can take away from the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve with your boat and tower. A quick fix to hiding this wiring of any accessories on your tower is to route it inside the tubing of the tower. Your best option is to get our MTK wakeboard tower if you want to hide the wiring of your lights and speakers because they are built with an integrated navigation light, eliminating visible wiring altogether.

Protecting Your Accessories with Covers

monster tower speaker covers

Adding a variety of accessories to your tower significantly enhances the look and function of your boat, but without proper protection and care they can degrade over time. An important way to protect these items is to get accessory covers so they stay in great condition. Although you don’t keep covers on your wakeboard tower accessories while you’re using your boat, getting these covers to use during the off season and during storage is a great way to keep your tower looking nice. These covers prevent scratches, protect against corrosion, and keep your accessories looking as brand new as when they were first installed on your tower.

Keeping your tower looking clean is just as important as maintaining the overall look of your boat. By following these tips, your tower will stay in great shape! Are you thinking of adding some accessories to your tower to enhance your boating experience? Check out our wakeboard tower accessories, and find the perfect one for your boat!

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