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Top 5 Gadgets to Take on the Boat This Summer

Top 5 Gadgets to Take on the Boat This Summer
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At Monster Tower we're all about creating the best possible experience on the water. Of course, we'll always recommend adding a wakeboard tower to your boat and a few board racks, but if you are looking to amp up your boating this summer, consider one of these awesome products!

GoPro Hero 4 Session

First on the list is the latest and greatest sport and lifestyle camera from GoPro. Their recently released Hero 4 Session packs all the power we have come to expect from GoPro cameras into their smallest, lightest, and most convenient camera yet. This camera features a rugged and waterproof design that is controlled via a simple one-button control or the GoPro smartphone app. Never miss capturing life’s greatest moments while out on the water this summer.

Coolest Cooler

Next on the list is the coolest cooler we have ever seen. It’s so cool, they call it the Coolest. This cooler features: custom Bluetooth outdoor speakers for playing your summer boating playlist, accessories compartment, 20v battery powered rechargeable blender, stainless steel hinges, ruggedized big-grip handles, USB chargers, LED lighted lid, easy-rolling tires, built in divider, cutting board, storage for plates and utensils, magnetic bottle opener, and storage tie-downs. We told you it was the Coolest!

Hank the Beer Tank

This next one is for you beer lovers out there. Now you can have ice cold draft beer right on the boat! Hank the Beer Tank is ½ the size of traditional kegerators, uses 1/10 of the power, and runs off of any AC or DC outlet. With their specialized compressor designed to withstand motion from rocking boats and digital thermostat, you can be sure to be ready when 5 o’clock hits the lake this summer.


Nothing replaces common sense and good judgement. But those of you interested in knowing how your body is handling your drink consumption this summer should take a look at Breathometer. Whether you are looking to monitor your BAC level or curious about whether you are hydrated enough, Breathometer’s smart phone enabled breath analysis technology can help you to make smarter decisions while out on the water.


Nothing beats a Monster Tower when you’re looking to catch some serious air on a wakeboard, but this next product will help you fly beneath the water. The Subwing is a one-of-a-kind towable fin that allows you to perform thrilling under water twists and turns. If you are looking to explore what’s under the sea this summer, do so with the fun and innovative Subwing.

EXTRA: BoatBound

For those of you not lucky enough to own your own boat (yet), thankfully there is a solution. BoatBound is a mobile app that allows anyone to rent a boat for the day. With an impressive “pier-to-pier” user base and safe rental experiences for any price range, getting out on the water this summer can be a breeze.

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