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How-to Maintain My Monster Tower

How-to Maintain My Monster Tower
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Follow These 3 Steps to Keep Your Tower Looking Fresh

All of our aluminum wakeboard towers feature an anodized finish, which is ideal for marine environments. Without the anodized finish, aluminum is vulnerable to corrosion. Monster Tower uses aluminum because it produces the toughest tubing for the strongest pulls. We are confident that we use the best materials to craft wakeboard towers, however, basic maintenance is needed to keep your tower looking fresh and performing its best.

1. Hardware Checks

quick release knob on monster tower

Hardware should be checked every 30 hours of use. Examine the nuts and bolts in the top section of your tower and make sure they are tight. Base hardware should also be checked for tightness. Check your quick release knobs every 30 hours to ensure they do not loosen up.

2. Defeat Water Spots

monster tower is rinsed after use

Monster Tower strives to provide an aftermarket tower with a factory look. Water spots cause the finish on your tower to appear dull. Counter the inevitable by rinsing your tower with mild soap and water after each outing. This will keep water spots at bay and make your tower shine. Rinsing after each use is especially important in saltwater environments. Salt can cause pitting of the aluminum which can lead to corrosion. After you rinse make sure to wipe dry, or you will create new water spots.

3. Wax Each Season

boat wax for monster tower maintenance

Wax your tower once or twice each season with car or boat wax. This practice will effectively protect the anodized finish from harsh marine elements. Wax is a great way to keep the color vibrant on powder coated wakeboard towers. Wax will also protect your tower from scratches that can make your tower more susceptible to corrosion.

Basic maintenance increases the longevity of your Monster Tower. Most people wipe down their boat after use so extend that preventative treatment to your wakeboard tower. Marine environments are tough on metal so a little TLC goes a long way!

And of course, you can't forget to maintain your accessories! Regular tower accessory maintenance and bimini maintenance are important to keep your boat looking its best.

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