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Wakeboard Tricks: How-to Do a 360

Wakeboard Tricks: How-to Do a 360
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Steps to Landing Your First 360

Learning how to do a 360 is a gradual process. It is important not to get discouraged, so luckily there are a few tips and tricks to help guide you along the way. We have professional wakeboarders, Tarah and Cobe Mikacich, to give us the scoop on how to land that first 360. Watch the video or read the transcript below!

Video Transcript

I am Cobe Mikacich. Our friends over at Monster Tower asked us to put together some instructional videos, this segment will be the 360.

Tarah: So, Daniel is getting ready to ride and he is going to demonstrate the steps for learning a good 360 on a wakeboard. The first step is going to be on the surface, we are going to have the boat go really slow and you’re going to practice doing the 360 on the water, the key for a surface 360 are the same for in the air. You’re going to do a two-handed pull and try to advance your back hip towards the handle, its going to make for a smooth spin. Don’t try to do it to fast just stay in control.

Cobe: One common mistake is when you go into the 360 as you start to float and drift away from the handle you want to make sure that you’re actually rotating and spinning towards the handle so it stays in tight. Another common mistake is going like this to pass the handle, you actually want to turn the handle down and rotate and take it back like this, and come around.

Tarah: Once your surface 360 is smooth we are going to take it to a one way 360 which is going to give you some air time and build from there. That’s the whole thing about doing a 360 in the air is everyone wants to rush it but you have to make sure you get up off the wake before you do the spin. The spin itself is the same you pull with two hands and you advance your hip to make yourself come around, try to keep the tension in your shoulders so you don’t fall back towards the boat.

Once your landing your heel-side 360 over one wake we are going to go ahead and take it wake to wake. The approach for this is going to be just like a heel-side wake to wake jump and I want you to try to feel where the highest part of your jump is when you go just wake to wake. That’s where we are going to put the 360 in at the very highest part of your jump we do a two handle pull and advance your back hip up though the handle. Something that is really important is keeping your eyes up and then as you past the handle look around for your landing.

Cobe: I hope this speeds up your process of learning the 360. Check back with us, because we definitely will have more instructional videos.

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