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Get Wake Season Ready With Our Wakeboard Workout

Get Wake Season Ready With Our Wakeboard Workout
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Wakeboarding season is finally here! You have your Monster Tower installed and boating playlist in queue, but is your body ready to wakeboard?

A healthy musculoskeletal system and core are the keys to a strong wakeboarding game. Essential for movement, your musculoskeletal system includes your bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Muscle contractions tug at your bones which prompts your body to move with the wake. Core strength is the basis for movement, so wakeboarders will benefit from a strong core to aid in the constant pull of the rope and push of the board.

Whether you're just getting started wakeboarding or hit the cable park everyday, a wakeboard workout is sure to improve your skills this summer. Get moving with the Monster Tower wakeboarding workout!

Jump Squats

man performs jump squat exercise

Powerful takeoffs are essential to most wakeboard tricks, so jump squats are ideal for a wakeboard workout. Jump squats condition the muscles and joints of your lower-body. Before you start jump squat intervals, make sure you are on stable ground, with your body facing forward and feet parallel. This way you will safely be able to jump without resulting in injury.

After you plant your feet properly, start by lowering yourself into a squat. Jump vertically, raising your arms to be parallel about your head. Do three sets of 15 every other day for stronger legs and better takeoffs.


man performs plank exercise

Planks are so good for you and work your core. Wakeboarding requires good balance so stay steady with a strong core. Planks not only work out your core, they will strengthen your arms which help with holding onto the rope.

Planks are an exercise that you can easily build upon. Start in a plank position, which is essentially the up position in a push up. Hold for 15 seconds then rest. Repeat and increase by 15 seconds as you get stronger. Make holding for 1 minute your goal!


Lifting will not only increase muscle strength, when done mindfully, you can use as an opportunity to strengthen your grip. As you lift, make sure to actively squeeze the bar during sets to lead to greater grip activation. You can check your grip strength by making sure the bar isn’t sliding during your set. Squeezing the bar during your set will help you keep a tighter grip on the rope while wakeboarding.


man stretches after exercising

Wakeboarding is a full body workout that uses your whole musculoskeletal system. It is easy to forget while you are out on the boat, but stretching before and after a wakeboarding session will safeguard against injury. Wring out your muscles with a quick hamstring, shoulder, and side stretch. Your body will thank you.

What do you do to prepare for wakeseason? Tell us our hits and misses on Facebook!

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