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As avid wakeboard enthusiasts ourselves, we want to offer as much of our expertise as we can to help you get the most out of your wakeboard tower. Whether it’s how to choose a wakeboard tower that fits your boat best, or cool new trends in the wakeboarding world, you can find your answers here.
Finding a Wakeboard Tower that Fits Your Budget
Getting Up & Staying Up on a Wakeboard
Proper Positioning for Wakeboarding
Deep Water vs. Dock Start
Establishing Your Dominant Foot: Regular vs. Goofy
How To Get Up on a Wakeboard - Wakeboarding Basics
How To Do a Butter Slide
How To Do a Powerslide
How To Do a Surface 180
Crossing the Wake - How to Wakeboard
Jumping the Wake - How to Wakeboard
Beginner Wakeboard Tricks - How to Wakeboard

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