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Stingray Wakeboard Towers

Stingray boats are celebrated for their versatility on the water. Stingray enthusiasts indulge in an array of thrilling watersports, from water skiing to wakeboarding. Acquiring a Stingray wakeboard tower is a fantastic way to ensure that all passengers can partake in their preferred watersport activities!

By combining our racks with Stingray wakeboard towers, you grant everyone aboard the opportunity to tow a variety of boards. We provide racks designed for wakeboards, wakesurf boards, skis, and kneeboards. Both our racks and towers are anodized, with some Stingray wakeboard towers offering powder coat finish options. These finishes are essential for safeguarding the aluminum in the challenging marine environment. Our Stingray wakeboard towers are designed with user-friendliness in mind, boasting a DIY installation process and effortless folding for convenient storage.

Our satisfied customers experience an elevated sense of appreciation for their boats once they install a Stingray wakeboard tower. Explore the reviews and visual testimonials below to get a glimpse of how your boat's appearance and functionality can be transformed with the addition of a wakeboard tower!

  1. Awesome Tower | "You folks at Monsters Tower are so great to work with. From the purchase to the installation everything went so smoothly thanks to your experience team. The Tower is top notch quality and fits like a glove. And did I mention it looks awesome on the boat. "

    Jon Youtz Annville PA


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  3. Scott V


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  5. Great product | "Great"

    Jo Nathan


  6. my stingray | "my stingray"

    L Jones


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