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Monster Over the Top Bimini or Cargo Bimini?

 Monster Over the Top Bimini or Cargo Bimini?
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Choose the Right Bimini Top for Your Wakeboard Tower

Bimini tops extend your time on the water by providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Over exposure to the sun can cause a whole host of health problems. Bimini tops are an excellent way to stay safe during hot summer days on the water.

Monster Tower proudly offers the Cargo Bimini Top and the Over the Top Bimini. These tops share a few common features. Boasting superior sun protection, Monster Tower bimini tops are made with UV resistant Sunbrella™ canvas. Sunbrella™ canvas is made of polyester, which maintains its structural integrity in high temperatures. Mildew-resistant Sunbrella™ canvas is ideal for marine environments and will not fade in the sun.

Monster Tower bimini tops are thoughtfully made the keep passengers cool without sacrificing fun for the rider. Each bimini top is made with a built-in hole to fit over the ski tow. This feature allows the bimini top to stay deployed while pulling a rider. Bimini tops can stay open on the water while cruising speeds up to 45 MPH.

Monster Tower is committed to providing quality bimini tops that enhance your time on the water. Our bimini tops share key features that make them a great investment for you boat, however there are a few differences.

Cargo Bimini Top

wakeboarders on boat

Fitting underneath your wakeboard tower, the Cargo Bimini Top will provide less headroom and shade than the Over the Top Bimini. However, this bimini top is the more versatile of the two. Not only will this bimini top work with any wakeboard tower, it will hold two boards of your choice or one inflatable tube. The bungee system underneath the cargo bimini will stretch and contort to fit two knee, surf, or wakeboards. It will even accommodate a couple sets of water skis. The Cargo Bimini Top is a great option for any wakeboard tower and can be taken down in a matter of minutes. The Cargo Bimini Top will not fold.

Monster Over the Top Bimini

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Affixing over your Monster Tower, the Over the Top Bimini provides more headroom than your average top. A key feature for the Over the Top Bimini is that it is longer and wider than the Cargo Bimini Top, providing more shade for passengers. The Over the Top Bimini is the roomier option, since the Cargo Bimini bungee system requires boards to store underneath the tower. Wake racks can be put on the legs of your tower, which also provides more room on deck. Folding up to a boot makes this bimini rated for trailering. Easy folding is ideal for when you want the sun or to see the stars at night. The Cargo Bimini requires removal before heading to the water.

The only wrong choice to make when shopping for a bimini top is to forgo one. Bimini tops not only protect passengers from the sun, they will protect your boats interior. Throw some shade on your deck with Monster Tower bimini tops!

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