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Wakeboarding Tail Grab Trick Tip

Wakeboarding Tail Grab Trick Tip
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Freedom Wake Park has put together another great video tutorial for us! We hope this video will help you nail a monster grab on your next boat outing!

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, I am Tarah Mikacich this is my husband Cobe Mikacich and together we own and operate Freedom Wake Park in Orlando Florida.

Our friends over at Monster Tower have asked us to put together some videos to help you on the water, today we are going to be talking about grabs, we are going to start with the tail grab.

You want to make sure that you’re carrying a wake, wake to wake you get a lot of float got a lot of time in the air, a couple of key things you want to start with is when you start to grab the board you definitely don’t want to reach down and grab the board you want to think of is you take off you finish your take off you get a lot of pop and at the top of your jump that’s when you want to bring your board up to your head you want to bring your knees up and bring the board up so you can grab the board, you want to think of leveraging the board so what you need to do is actually raise your back foot up keep your front leg straight, what that will do is this will bring the board closer to your hand.

Okay a tip to remember is that if your bringing both knees up the ends of your board are still there in the fire wake so you want to leverage it by straightening out one leg and bending the other so that the end of the board is closer to you, you can practice this on the dock with the board on your feet laying on your back and practice moving your legs in the way that you would in the air so that you can grab your board.

Right, that’s it for us, make sure you get your rope set up on that Monster Tower, get out on the lake and try that tail grab

And check back periodically for the best more tricks and tips from Freedom Wake Park and Monster Tower!

Thanks again to Cobe and Tarah for providing another excellent tutorial for our beginner wakeboarders. If you enjoyed this video, we encourage you to check out our other beginner tutorials with these amazing pro wakeboarders.

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