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Chaparral Wakeboard Towers

A world-leader in wakeboard style boats, Chaparral is made for watersports lovers. Investing in a quality Chaparal wakeboard tower is bound to up your game on the water, while giving your boat an updated look.

Monster’s Chaparral wakeboard towers are made with 2.5” marine-grade materials that combat the salt and sun. Available in anodized or powder coat finishes, both are made to protect the tubing of the tower against pitting or corrosion. Our Chaparral wakeboard towers all easily fold for storage and are quickly installed. Towers are ideal for raising the tow point so beginners and seasoned riders can hone their craft.

A Chaparral wakeboard tower is an effective way to increase the value of your boat and have a blast on the water. Our towers are universal for any Chaparal model, so take a look at our customer gallery for and find your favorite!

  1. Epic | "Great "

    Iwan ten Bruggencate


  2. Monster MTK | "Awesome tower, looks great, easy install, no complaints"

    Jon huls Boyden IA


  3. Best Aftermarket Tower! | "Installed this tower 7 years ago and took 10 years off the look of our boat! My son wakeboarded his tail off using this tower and it still looks good and structurally sound."

    David Mills ISSAQUAH WA


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  5. Looks amazing | "_"

    Blake Martin Lakevill Minnesota


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