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Marine Speaker Buying Guide

Marine Speaker Buying Guide
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What to Know Before Buying Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Monster Tower proudly aligns with the most trusted brands in the marine audio industry to bring the best sound quality to each and every wake boat on the water. Whether you are looking for single or double barrel speakers, you will get quality sound with our wakeboard tower speaker collection.

All of our speakers are designed to get wet. Even though they mount to the wakeboard tower, they will be inhabiting a high moisture environment around the clock. The speakers we offer feature waterproof and rust-proof components to improve the sound quality and prolong the life of the speakers.


speaker components

There are a few key components in a wakeboard tower speaker. Each of these components are important for creating high-quality sound to make your boating adventures more exciting!

  • A woofer is the bass part of the speaker that produces low frequency sound.
  • A tweeter is a small speaker that emits the upper range of sounds. Woofers and tweeters both emit different ranges of sounds, allowing for the overall sound to be better and more clear when both are combined into a speaker.
  • A basket is a metal frame that holds the speaker together.
  • A cone allows air to move, creating the sound.
  • A surround enhances the audio quality of the speaker.
  • A voice coil moves the cone using the magnetic field that is created by the current in the wire.
  • A dust cap protects the voice coils from dust.
  • A spider acts as a suspension that keeps tension on the voice coil, helping reduce any unnecessary vibrations.
  • Cans are the housing for the speakers. They help protect them from marine environments and weather, which is extremely important for a wakeboard tower speaker.

While the above are the basics that should be in every speaker, you can also get wakeboard tower speakers with extra features. These features can be additional add-ons or come built in and might include LED lights or remote controls for ease of use.

Why Anodize?

Speaker cans can be made from a variety of materials including fiberglass, nylas, plastic, and aluminum. It is important that they are rust-resistant and if you have aluminum speakers this means they should be anodized. Without an anodized finish, aluminum can become vulnerable to oxidation, eventually leading to corrosion. Anodizing is also environmentally friendly, and doesn't create hazardous waste like some other methods. Another way to protect wakeboard tower speakers is with speaker covers. Made with an outdoor poly fabric, these speaker covers are three times thicker than most fabric used.

anodized coating protects monster tower marine speakers

Single or Double Barrel Speakers?

Single and double barrel speakers share the same quality components and anodized cans, but there are a few differences to note. The double barrel speakers come with a swivel mount and have two speakers instead of one. The swivel mount feature allows the speakers to face two different directions, which can create a more surround sound experience. Monster Tower offers both single- and double-barrel speakers so you can create your dream sound experience on your boat!

single barrel marine speaker on monster tower wakeboard tower
double barrel marine speaker on monster wakeboard tower


Choosing the right marine speakers for your boat can be overwhelming with so many options to choose from, especially if you don’t know what to look for! Below are some important things to take into consideration when choosing marine speakers for your boat.


The material and design of your marine speakers can determine the value of wakeboard tower speakers. Not only does this impact appearance, but it also impacts the sound level and quality of the marine speakers. There are speaker designs for everyone - some that may look good but don’t sound the best, some that are aesthetic and loud, and some may have impressive audio but not have an aesthetically-pleasing look. Depending on what you are looking for, the price points will vary. Some design features that are available are different finish options to complement the tower and boat, interchangeable grilles can provide a different look, LED backlighting to change the aesthetic, as well as full control over the color of the LED lights.


The more durable your marine speakers are, the longer they will last. It is incredibly important to ensure that you are getting a speaker made out of corrosion-resistant material such as anodized aluminum or Nylas (a nylon/fiberglass hybrid). This helps prevent corrosion and boosts their durability. It is also important to ensure you are getting marine-rated speakers. Marine-rated speakers are specifically made to be able to withstand moisture and UV rays, while still giving the best audio performance possible.Even if you get top-of-the-line speakers, it is important to properly maintain them. You should clean them with a soft, damp cloth with a soft detergent such as dish soap often, and can also get speaker covers to help protect them when they are not in use.


Because wakeboard tower speakers are playing into empty air, it is highly recommended to have a marine amplifier to increase the sound quality of your speakers. Not only will it make your speakers play louder, but will also improve the sound quality and prevent distortion. It is important that you get a marine amplifier that supplies your wakeboard tower speakers with enough power to ensure it improves sound quality.

Another addition that helps improve sound quality is a marine subwoofer. Subwoofers boost the bass and improve sound quality of wakeboard tower speakers overall. Subwoofers also are connected with your marine amplifier, so you need to ensure that your amp has enough power to supply your tower speakers and subwoofer, but not too much power because then you risk blowing your subwoofer and speakers.


Adding in-boat speakers will complement your wakeboard tower speakers and overall marine audio experience. These supplementary speakers are installed in the walls of your boat and will increase the volume as well as the “surround sound” feel. This also makes it louder in the boat, while the wakeboard tower speakers make the sound improved for the riders behind the boat.

Now that you know which wake speaker will work for you, it is time to get your boat song playlist queued up! Luckily we surveyed our team here at Monster Tower to compile this list of the best boat songs and this incredible summer playlist.

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