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Wakeboard Tower Accessories Buying Guide

Wakeboard Tower Accessories Buying Guide
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If you want to take your wakeboarding experience to a whole new level, then you should look into wakeboard tower accessories. There’s a wide range of items that enhance your experience out on the water, and you won’t want to miss out on any of them. Keep reading to learn more about wakeboard tower accessories and how to choose the right ones for your boat.

Board Racks

Board racks are almost a necessity because you only have so much room on your boat! A tower-mounted rack keeps your wakeboard, skis, wakesurf board, or kneeboard out of the way, ensuring you have plenty of space and an organized boat. In addition to freeing up space on the boat, tower racks protect your boards from getting damaged.

boat with monster tower wakeboard racks

There are two types of racks you can get for your tower: fixed and swivel. Fixed racks stay in the same place on the tower, while swivel racks can be rotated towards you to make it easier to store equipment. Each Monster Tower rack can be purchased standard with a fixed mount and can be upgraded with an optional swivel adaptor for quick and easy access.

Bimini Tops

Spending a day out on the water sounds like a great time, but you don’t necessarily want to be in the sun all day long. With a bimini top, you and your crew can enjoy being on the boat and get some shade at the same time.

boat with monster tower bimini top

Our Over-the-top bimini mounts over the tower, creating plenty of space for people to stand up and walk around on the boat. You can choose from a variety of colors to match the rest of your boat, and every bimini top we sell is made with premium Sunbrella fabric, the highest quality marine fabric on the market. Or, if accessory storage is a bigger concern for you, our Cargo Rack Bimini offers shade and storage all in one easy-to-use accessory.

Tower Speakers

To make the experience of being out on your boat even more fun, you can add speakers to your tower. While your boat may have speakers on it, adding speakers to your tower can enhance the listening experience of passengers since they can provide more volume and clarity. Where speakers really excel is projecting sound so music comes in loud and clear for a rider in tow.

boat with monster tower wakeboard speakers

There are several factors you should consider when you’re looking for speakers. If the look of the speakers is more important than sound output, your choice may be different than someone who cares about great sound quality over aesthetics. You can get LED lights built into your speakers for added fun, and most speakers come in different finishes to match your boat.

Speakers also come in various sizes and configurations, so you can customize your sound system to be just how you want it. In addition to what kinds of speakers you want on your boat, you also have quite a few other choices to make when it comes to subwoofers, amplifiers, and controllers to pair with the speakers.

Wakeboard Tower Mirrors

Wakeboard tower accessories aren’t just for looks or having even more fun. Sometimes they are necessary for safety. Adding mirrors to your tower can keep you and your passengers safe, especially if you’re boating in a congested area. These mirrors can help you stay safer since you’ll be able to see even more angles from the driver’s seat, and it’s a great way for drivers to keep an eye on the person who is boarding off the back of the boat.

woman reflected in monster tower wakeboard mirror

You can get a windshield-mounted mirror for more modern forward-facing towers, or mount one virtually anywhere on your cage-style wakeboard tower. By being able to choose where you mount your mirrors, you’ll be able to position them perfectly so you won’t have to physically turn around to check on the person wakeboarding behind the boat. You’ll be able to safely drive and keep up with your passengers by adding a mirror to your tower.

Wakeboard Tower Lights

You may not think about needing a light while you’re on the boat, but this accessory is a great addition to your tower. It is especially useful if you happen to be out on the water at night or during a time with restricted visibility, so other boats can easily see you.

led lights installed on monster wakeboard tower

Adding a lighting fixture to your tower doesn’t have to affect your aesthetic, though. We have sleek and stylish lights that will match virtually any boat. Plus, you can choose from navigation lights or light bars, depending on what you need. The U.S. Coast Guard requires that boats have a navigation light that can provide visibility for 2 NM installed at the highest point of the tower. When you add a wakeboard tower to your boat, this becomes your new highest point, so it’s critical that you have added a suitable navigation light. Any other lighting on your boat is optional and serves to provide additional visibility on deck and around your boat.

Wakeboard tower accessories can add more fun to your boating experience, and they can even enhance safety. Want to know about even more accessories you could add to your boat or tower? Check out our huge selection of boating and tower accessories now!

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