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Which Monster Tower Do I Have?

Which Monster Tower Do I Have?
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If you’ve bought a used boat with a tower already installed, you might be wondering which tower it is that you have. This information can be critical when you look to buy accessories or replacement parts for your tower.

That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you determine which Monster wakeboard tower is installed on your boat.

Question 1 – Is the Tower Forward-Facing or Cage Style?

forward-facing wakeboard tower drawing

Modern, forward-facing tower

cage-style wakeboard tower drawing

Traditional, cage-style tower

The first question to evaluate is whether the tower is a modern, forward-facing tower or a traditional, cage-style tower. If your tower is forward facing, you have an MTK. If the tower is cage-style you have one of the other three models in our tower lineup (the MT1, MT2, or MTE.)

** In April 2014 the MTK went through a redesign. To determine if you have a pre-2014 model or a post-2014 model you can compare the header measurements:

comparison of version 1 and version 2 mtk headers

The header (top section) of the pre-2014 MTK measures 55” wide. The post-2014 MTK measures 61” wide.

Question 2 – Does the Tower Have a Single or Double Header?

wakeboard tower with single header bar

Single header

wakeboard tower with double header bar

Double header

All Monster Towers feature a header area for accessory mounting, but one model is easy to distinguish with its characteristic single header bar. If your tower has a single header bar, you have an MTE. If the tower has a double header, you have either an MT1 or MT2.

Question 3 – What is the Length of the Tower’s Leg?

The MT1 and MT2 tower can look very similar at a glance, but if you grab a measuring tape, you’ll be able to tell very quickly which one you have. Measure the tower’s front leg along the arc from top to bottom. If the leg’s arc measures 69” you have an MT1. If the leg’s arc measures 85” you have an MT2.

Now that you know which tower you have, it’s time to get started adding the right accessories to take your wakeboarding experience from good to great! Shop our selection of wakeboard racks, bimini tops, and more tower accessories!

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