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Traditional vs. Modern Style Wakeboard Towers

Traditional vs. Modern Style Wakeboard Towers
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You may be familiar with traditional wakeboard towers, but did you know there are also modern styles that might be more aesthetically pleasing depending on what boat you have. You may have a preference of one over the other, and your boat may work better with a specific style. We want to share the differences between the two with you to help you decide which one you want to put on your boat.

Traditional Wakeboard Towers

mt1 wakeboard tower

As you probably know or have guessed, the traditional style is what has been around the longest. The style is practical and will help wakeboarders get up on their board, hold your accessories, and help you have fun out on the water. Most traditional wakeboard towers are a cage style, which means the legs on the tower look like a cage sitting around the boat. Our traditional towers are the MT1, MT2, and MTE. These Monster Towers have four mounting points - two in front of the driver and two behind - to secure them to your boat. Cage style towers will sometimes need additional reinforcement to create strength.

When it comes to style, a traditional wakeboard tower is the most common. This style is probably one you have seen many times, and it is probably what you picture in your head when you hear the words ‘wakeboard tower.’ If you have a more traditional-looking boat, a traditional style tower might suit it better because the cage style will complement your boat’s classic look more than a modern style.

Modern Wakeboard Towers

mtk wakeboard tower

A modern wakeboard tower usually has a forward-facing design like our MTK or MT7 tower. These towers are mounted entirely behind the driver. Unlike traditional towers, modern wakeboard towers will always need reinforcement because the mounting locations are so closely grouped.

Modern towers are the definition of style. Their sleek, forward-facing design automatically makes them more pleasing to the eye than traditional towers. These towers feel sportier and trendier, complementing curved boats much better than a straight lined traditional tower. If you want to have more of an OEM style wakeboard tower, then you definitely want to go with a modern style tower.

Pick the Right Style for Your Boat

Based on aesthetics alone, the clean lines of a modern wakeboard tower will best complement boats newer boats with sleek, sporty designs. Traditional, cage-style towers are better suited to classic boats with more traditional styling.

Knowing about your boat’s construction is also important when making your tower selection. You should be aware of where the tower will mount on your boat, because you don’t want the mounts to interfere with any aspects of your boat or how you use it. You definitely don’t want to get something that won’t work for you; you want a perfect fit the first time!

Picking a wakeboard tower based on style is just as important as knowing what size you need. The overall look of your boat matters to you just as much as the construction. Need more information before you choose a Monster Tower? Take a look at our wakeboard tower buying guide for even more information!

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