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Can the MTK nav light be converted to be put on the MT1 tower?

No, the MTK LED navigation light will only work for the MTK tower as it is our only tower that has the navigation light integrated in.

How can the Monster Towers cost so much less than comparable towers?

We are able to produce the highest quality tower possible and make it affordable by leveraging relationships and capitalizing on "economies of scale." As part of the Marine Accessories Corporation family, we have access to our sister company Great Lakes Boat Top for custom development and great deals on our canvas. In terms of tower and accessory design, we look to our other sister company - Xtreme Tower Products - because they build the custom towers for the world's top boat builders. Then we work directly with the aluminum mills which extrude the tubing based on dies which we designed and own and this gives us far lower materials cost. We then leverage common design elements so individual parts can be run in higher volumes. Our ISO 9002 Certified factory uses high speed, computer controlled machining, bending and finishing systems to get the best possible quality at the most affordable price. Lastly, we run our business based on traditional business ratios and not "what the market will pay" pricing model.

What do I need to do to maintain my Monster Tower wakeboard tower?

The only maintenance needed on a Monster Tower wakeboard tower is to occasionally use a mild soap and water. If you use your boat in salt water we recommend spraying the Heim joints with CRC or WD-40 after each use. You should also check the bolts periodically for tightness.

What is included with each Monster Tower?

Your new Monster Tower will include everything you need to install and enjoy your new wakeboard tower. Each tower includes the top section (called a header) with swivel tow point, two front and two rear legs (MTK has only one starboard and port leg), four Heim joints and bases, backing plates, and all the hardware needed to attach the tower to your boat. Allen wrenches and our detailed tower specific step by step instruction manuals are also included. The wakeboard racks and other tower accessories are not included but can be ordered separately.

What is the wakeboard tower tubing size and what is the material used?

All of our towers are made from 2-1/2" diameter aluminum tubing. (excl. HS1 Tower)

Will the Monster Over the Top Biminis work on a 2007 Mastercraft X-2 (with OE tower)? I would need both the frame and the canvas, and would want to understand how customizable the product is.

No, our over the tower biminis are only designed to work with our select towers.

Do they make a bracket to hold a flag on my tower?

No, we currently do not make a flag holder specifically. We have seen customers adapt our water ski rack into a flag holder in the past.

Is there a video on how to install the MTE tower?

No we do not have a installation on the MTE tower. You can view our installation video on the MTK for similar points of installation.

Where can I obtain replacement screw knobs for the swivel adapter?

Please call us to order, 877-778-6937.

I have an MTK tower with the bimini. The front pole section and front brackets got damaged. Can you supply replacements?

Please call us to order, 877-778-6937.

Does the MTK bimini top fit on an MT1 tower?

No, our over the top biminis are specific for our towers. You would need the MT1 over the top bimini for the MT1 tower.

It looks like most of these boats are 20' long. Will this fit a 24' Chaparral (246SSI)? Mine is a 2013 model.

Yes, the MTK has a universal fit for boats with a beam of 76-102".

Do you have a mount that will fit the Malibu G 3.5 tower? I think the tube is 3"

Yes, if it is a circular pipe tower that has a 3 in diameter please give us a call to order a rack with the 3 in bracket.

Is there a mount for the Malibu G 3.5 tower? I think the tube is 3".

Yes, if it is a circular pipe tower that has a 3 in diameter please give us a call to order a rack with the 3 in bracket.

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