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Can the MTK nav light be converted to be put on the MT1 tower?

No, the MTK LED navigation light will only work for the MTK tower as it is our only tower that has the navigation light integrated in.

How do I run speaker and light wires through my Monster tower?

Holes for running speaker wire can be drilled one inch from the welds on the front or rear legs. MTK towers come pre-drilled. Holes can also be added to the top section three inches in from the welds in the straight cross bar of the top section. If you add top section speakers or lights the wire will exit the top of the rear legs and enter the side of the top section. This short "bridge" will connect the top section to the legs electrically. Detailed wiring instructions are included in our speaker installation manual.

Can the tower be moved to another boat?

Once the final steps of installing the tower are complete the width between the rear legs is permanently set and can not be changed. The only way a tower can be moved to another boat is if the rear leg mounting width is exactly the same.

Do I need to reinforce my boat for a tower?

Most competition ski and wakeboard boats, as well as more expensive boat brands like Sea Ray and Cobalt, have decks which are at least 3/8" thick and do not need to be reinforced. If your deck is thinner than 3/8" you should reinforce it with additional fiberglass to build it up to 3/8". Fiberglass kits are available at many online stores including www.WestMarine.com, www.iboats.com in addition to local boat supply companies. Some of our customers have added a 1/4" or 3/8" piece of plywood under the deck attached with 3M Model 5200 Marine adhesive and then covered this with fiberglass. This is the best possible solution as it adds significant strength for the mounting location. This would be recommended for Bayliner, and similar brands where the fiberglass thickness may be closer to 1/4" or 3/16" thick.

How do I mount the base of my tower to a curved surface?

We asked other tower companies how they address mounting to curved surfaces and heard it was no problem to mount a flat plate to a curved surface. That was not a good enough answer to a bunch of engineers so we developed another industry first, the Monster Paws. These are mounting pads that not only contour to the curve of your boat they also greatly reduce the stress at the holes which further protects your boat.

What if I need help installing my tower or want someone else to install my new tower?

All that is needed to install the Monster Tower is a drill, drill bits and an adjustable wrench. All other hardware and Allen wrenches are provided along with a step by step instruction manual. We do recommend using socket wrenches instead of an adjustable wrench but either will get the job done just fine. If you have questions about installation we are happy to help, give us a call at 877-77Tower or email us at Support@MonsterTower.com. Some our customers prefer to have their towers and accessories professionally installed and locally supported. Please contact an authorized preferred dealer for local support as well as innovative tower accessories from leading manufacturers.

Will the MT1 adjust to be install over previous mounting holes?

We would not recommend using pre existing holes.

What do I do if my speaker lights only flash red?

You would need the controller to adjust the colors, https://monstertower.com/wet-sounds-rf-rgb-music-controller-w-touch-activated-remote.html. Without it you will only be able to display the primary colors or red, blue, and green, and these you will need to hard wire into one color only at a time.

I have a 2007 Four Winns H180. Would I need to reinforce the fiberglass to have a MTK tower installed?

Yes on the MTK tower we do recommend to use additional reinforcement. We recommend 3/8th marine grade plywood large enough to span both points on the MTK tower.

Will I be able to install the accessories on my own?

The accessories (speakers and wakeboard racks) are very easy to install and will come with instructions to assist you. The Garage Wakeboard Rack requires attachment to your wall with screws. The wakeboard racks attach to your tower with just the use of hex wrenches. The speakers will require some wiring and some drilling, but again that will be outlined in the installation instructions for that specific product.

Will the tower crack my gel coat or damage my boat?

The most common cause of a tower damaging the gel coat is abuse. The more accessories you put on the tower (racks & boards, speakers, lights, etc) the more stress there will be on the boat. Also, never let someone climb on a wakeboard tower; not only is it very dangerous but it could cause damage to the boat's gel coat. The Monster Tower is very durable and uses Heim joints which greatly reduce the possibility of stress cracks. Monster Tower is not liable for any incidental or consequential damage caused by installation or use of the tower.

Can I purchase a new center section only in order to place this in a different boat?

Yes! We do sell the header sections if you need to replace one. Once you drill thru a header section and fully complete the installation process that header would not be able to be used on another boat due to being "locked" into place to the original boat. Sometimes the solution can be to purchase a new header section to re-drill or re-lock an existing tower to a new boat. Please just give us a call to place the order or if you have questions.

Will the Monster Over the Top Biminis work on a 2007 Mastercraft X-2 (with OE tower)? I would need both the frame and the canvas, and would want to understand how customizable the product is.

No, our over the tower biminis are only designed to work with our select towers.

How do you install on bayliner? Do you have installation information available?

Installing from one manufacturer to the other would be very similar and you can find our install guide on the MTE here, https://monstertower.com/pub/media/monstertower/pdf/MTEManual.pdf

Is there a video on how to install the MTE tower?

No we do not have a installation on the MTE tower. You can view our installation video on the MTK for similar points of installation.

Where can I obtain replacement screw knobs for the swivel adapter?

Please call us to order, 877-778-6937.

I have an MTK tower with the bimini. The front pole section and front brackets got damaged. Can you supply replacements?

Please call us to order, 877-778-6937.

Does the MTK bimini top fit on an MT1 tower?

No, our over the top biminis are specific for our towers. You would need the MT1 over the top bimini for the MT1 tower.

It looks like most of these boats are 20' long. Will this fit a 24' Chaparral (246SSI)? Mine is a 2013 model.

Yes, the MTK has a universal fit for boats with a beam of 76-102".

Do you have a mount that will fit the Malibu G 3.5 tower? I think the tube is 3"

Yes, if it is a circular pipe tower that has a 3 in diameter please give us a call to order a rack with the 3 in bracket.

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