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Get your boat watersports-ready with a Monster Tower universal wakeboard tower. Our towers are designed to fit virtually any boat and feature superior construction, so they'll provide your rider with all the lift they need for aerial wakeboarding tricks for years to come.

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  1. MT7 Wakeboard Tower

    As low as $2,099.00 Regular Price $2,499.00
  2. MTK Wakeboard Tower

    As low as $1,299.00 Regular Price $1,699.00
  3. MT1 Wakeboard Tower

    As low as $599.00 Regular Price $999.00
  4. MT2 Wakeboard Tower

    Special Price $699.00 Regular Price $1,099.00

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Do I need a wakeboard tower?

While it’s possible to wakeboard without a tower, it’s highly recommended that you consider adding a tower for an optimal on-the-water experience. Wakeboard towers provide a higher tow point, ensuring you get maximum air on all of your jumps and keeping your tow rope from dragging through the water. Towers also offer a perfect place to mount accessories including board racks, speakers, and even bimini tops for shade on your boat’s deck.

Which Monster wakeboard tower is right for my boat?

Choosing the right wakeboard tower is an important decision for any boater. There are a variety of considerations that go into choosing the right aftermarket wakeboard tower including construction, style, features, available finishes, and of course, price. Depending on the style and age of your boat you may prefer a more traditional, cage-style tower like the MT1, MT2, or MTE, or a more modern, forward-facing MTK.

Are Monster Towers trailerable?

For easy transport, Monster Towers can be trailer in either their upright or folded position. We do recommend that before trailering at highway speeds you secure or remove any attached accessories and stow your bimini top in its storage boot.

Will a Monster Tower fit in my garage?

Absolutely! All Monster Towers are built with the ability to fold down quickly and without tools for low clearances, dry stack storage, HOA compliance, and more. With a set of included quick release knobs, each tower can be collapsed and reassembled in minutes. When collapsed, the tower sits at most a few inches above the boat’s windshield.

What are Monster Towers made of?

Monster Towers are constructed from industry-leading 2.5-inch diameter 6061 aluminum for strength and corrosion resistance. These heavy-duty materials provide a strong, sturdy foundation for pulling riders and are complemented by the use of billet 6061 aluminum bases and heim joints with rubber inserts (called Monster Paws) to accommodate the contours and angles of each boat’s gunwales.

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