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Finding a Wakeboard Tower that Fits Your Budget

Finding a Wakeboard Tower that Fits Your Budget
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When you are ready to outfit your boat for wakeboarding, you’ll want to start by choosing a wakeboard tower, and you’ll want to make sure you pick the right one. The tower should fit your boat properly, match up with what you want to do out on the water, and of course it should fit into your budget.

At Monster Tower, we are committed to providing a quality tower for any budget. All of our towers feature industry-leading 2.5 inch diameter 6061 aluminum tubing, which provides superior corrosion resistance. The cross section on all of our towers are hand welded for durability and strength. They also feature swivel tow points for maximum maneuverability of your tow rope, as well as the ability to fold down without tools for storage or so you can travel under low clearances at a moment’s notice. Now, we want to break down the various levels of towers so you can decide what kind of tower fits in your budget.

To help you find the tower that’s right for you boat and you budget, we’ve broken our towers down into three categories:

  • Entry Level Tower

    An entry level tower is a great starting point if you are just getting into wakeboarding, kneeboarding, or any other water sport requiring a tower. Usually, these towers are cage style with four mounting points on your boat. They are traditional-style towers with a simple shape with straight legs. Entry level Monster Towers are available in a single finish, and they are the most economical out of all towers. For those looking to add an entry level tower to their boat we recommend the MTE.

  • Mid-Level Tower

    A mid-level tower offers a balanced compromise between budget and style. The look is more stylized than an entry level; the legs on the mid-level tower have more of a curve giving the tower a more modern look while maintaining a traditional design. There are also more finishes available for a mid-level Monster Tower instead of just one like on an entry level. If you’re in the market for a mid-level wakeboard tower we recommend checking out our MT1 and MT2.

  • Premium Tower

    Compared to an entry or mid-level tower, a premium wakeboard tower has the most options available. These towers have more of a modern, stylish look. They are forward-facing and have two mounting points on the boat, which are located behind the driver. Unlike a cage-style tower, premium towers offer unobstructed views. Premium Monster Towers also have the most variety when it comes to finishes so you can perfectly match your boat. We recommend the MTK for those looking to add a top-of-the-line, premium tower to their boat.

Comparing Monster Wakeboard Towers

As we’ve mentioned above, Monster Tower offers entry level, mid-level, and premium towers including the MTE, MT1, MT2, and MTK. Read on to learn more about each wakeboard tower, its features, and the boats it fits best.

mte wakeboard tower

MTE Wakeboard Tower

The MTE tower is the most economical choice out of our four towers. It will fit any length boat with a 60 inch to a 102 inch beam. This tower has quick release front mounts, allowing it to easily fold to the stern for storage without tools. Bow to stern leg spacing needs to be between 48 and 75 inches. The MTE is available in a polished finish. The bright dipped aluminum construction is stable and strong. The MTE features a single header, providing space to mount accessories. Monster Paws are used to make it possible for this tower to mount on curved surfaces. Zero torsion mounts are used to prevent stress caused by fixed mounts. The MTE has a five year warranty.

mt1 wakeboard tower

MT1 Wakeboard Tower

The MT1 is the first Monster Tower to feature a double header. The double header provides more room for accessories and provides additional strength. Like the MTE, the MT1 will fit any length boat with a 60 inch to 120 inch beam. The MT1 is constructed from 6063-T6 aluminum construction and is available in durable polished and anodized or black semi-gloss powder coated finishes. The MT1 will easily and quickly fold without tools to the stern because of the quick release. This wakeboard tower comes with Monster Paws so it can easily mount on curved surfaces. It uses zero torsion mounts are used to prevent stress caused by fixed mounts. For precision adjustment, each base has stainless steel heim joints. Bow to stern leg spacing is between 40 and 70 inches. The MT1 has a five year warranty.

mt2 wakeboard tower

MT2 Wakeboard Tower

The MT2 shares the double header and foldability with the MT1, but it is made for boats between 21 feet and 24 feet in length with beam width between 60 inches and 102 inches. The MT2 has a similar design to the MT1 since both feature curved legs, but the MT2 has longer front legs, making it particularly well-suited for boats with wrap-around windshields. The MT2 is made of 6061 aluminum for strength, and available in a polished and anodized finish. You can mount this tower on curved surfaces because it comes with Monster Paws. You don’t have to use tools to fold or store the tower because of the quick release front mounts. Stainless steel heim joints are included at each base for precision adjustment. The MT2 has zero torsion mounts to prevent stress caused by fixed mounts. Bow to stern leg spacing is 75 to 100 inches. The MT2 has a five year warranty.

mtk wakeboard tower

MTK Wakeboard Tower

The MTK is the world's bestselling aftermarket tower. The MTK boasts a factory appearance, which mounts just behind the driver to provide unobstructed views. The MTK is best suited for boats that are longer than 16 feet and are between a 76 inch and 102 inch beam. This wakeboard tower is constructed of aluminum piping to slow down corrosion. To provide maximum visibility on your boat, an LED navigation light is integrated into the top of the tow point. The MTK is available in four finishes: Polished and Anodized, Black (glossy), Stealth Black (matte), and Polar White. Unlike the other wakeboard towers, the MTK can easily fold forward or aft without tools. For maximum accessory mounting capability, the MTK comes with dual top supports. The MTK has a five year warranty.

Knowing which wakeboard tower you need for your boat is important, especially when it comes to your budget. You want a great product at a great price, and we provide that for you, no matter if you get an entry level, mid-level, or premium wakeboard tower. Want to know even more? Look at our wakeboard tower buying guide for more information!

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