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Wakeboarding Heelside 180 Trick Tip

Wakeboarding Heelside 180 Trick Tip
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Our friends over at Freedom Wake Park in Orlando put together this awesome video tutorial for us. If you have ever wanted to learn how to perform the perfect 180 behind your Monster Tower, you should check it out!

Video Transcript

Hi guys I am Tarah Mikacich and this is my husband Cobe Mikacich and together we own and operate Freedom Wake in Orlando Florida, as professional wakeboarders we share our love for everything on the water.

Cobe: So our friends over at Monster Tower have put together some instructional videos to help you guys on the water, we are going to start off with a front side 180.

Tarah: At the beginning of any wakeboard set it’s a good idea to stretch out and carve around a bit, slash the wake switch regular go back and forth so that you get used to your edging position for your take off and for your landing

Cobe: Okay so what I’ve done is I’ve simulated how your ropes going to be attached to your Monster Tower with a little bit of upward pull, so when you guys are going to a 180 make sure that you can ride switch so that when you land you’re in a good comfortable position, so here a couple of key things to think about when you’re trying your 180. I ride left foot forward so I maybe doing a front side 180, one thing I always tell our students is you want to make sure you get to the peak of your jump before you start to rotate so make sure you drive through the wake get good height and then in the air I like to take my back hip and drive it into the handle as I rotate, and then at this point after I’ve made my initial turn through I like to let go so that I am landing with my lead hand and it just lines me up right on top of my board.

A couple of things to kind of trouble shoot what’s happening on the water, if you take off and you feel yourself falling forward or becoming off axis most likely that’s coming from you trying to spin while your still in the water, also if you come down and your sliding down on your landing on your heels that means that you’re not quite making the full rotation 180 degrees.

Tarah: As you get more comfortable with the 180 you can start adding your own personal style grabbing the board in different places, but even when you do remember our early tips, wait until you’re at the top of your jump before you spin and then when you go for the grab bring your knees up to your hand don’t bend forward for the board, and then when you finish the trip remember that you’re going to turn all the ways so that your facing shore and take that back hand off for a safer lading.

That’s it for us grab your wake board head out to your lake and get your ropes set out on that monster tower and try that 180 but also check back with us for more trick tips from Monster Tower and Freedom Wake Park.

Take our left hand off so come back to your landing position, both legs bent looking over here, push your hips up a little more bend your knees right do you see how I am standing like that yeah, come back to your landing position that how you’re going to come down both legs a little bent alright, so when you go and do the other 180 think of this on how you’re going to land with weight over your toes.

So for you guys to know Aiden went out to film me so that he could help with the Go Pro and then we decided to let him try some 180s after listening to all the instructions that was his first one.

That was awesome!

Whether you're just learning how to wakeboard or ready to level up to intermediate skills, Cobe and Tarah are excellent wakeboarding coaches. If you liked this tutorial, be sure to check out their tail grab, 360, and indy tantrum tutorial videos.

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