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Which Monster Tower Will Fit My Boat?

Which Monster Tower Will Fit My Boat?
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If you’ve done your research and read about all of our different wakeboard towers, you probably have one in mind you would like to purchase. Then you might wonder: will it fit my boat? We want to help you figure out which wakeboard tower fits your needs and if it will physically fit on your boat.

Wakeboard towers are primarily selected based on the length and beam width of the boat they will be installed on. Before selecting a wakeboard tower you’ll need to measure the length and width of your boat. Length is measured front to back and beam width is measured from side to side. For the beam width, you should locate the widest part of your boat and measure from the outer edge of the hull on one side to the outer edge of the other side. For the length of the boat, you should measure the centerline length from the bow to the stern of your boat. You may need some help from another person when measuring. Monster Towers should only be installed on trailerable boats with a maximum width of 102 inches.

mt1 wakeboard tower
mt2 wakeboard tower
mte wakeboard tower
mtk wakeboard tower

You’ll also want to determine the best mounting location for the bases of your tower. The optimal location will be relatively level from front to back and should not interfere with any wiring or components that may be installed in your boat. Be sure that you have full access to the desired mounting location to install hardware and reinforce if needed.

Once you have measured your boat, consult the table below to decide which Monster Tower would work best for you. The table shows you the boat length and beam width measurements for each tower. For more information on each Monster Tower, check out our post about finding a wakeboard tower that fits your budget.

Monster Tower Fitments

Boat Length Beam Width
MTK Greater than 16 feet 76 to 102 inches
MT1 Any 60 to 102 inches
MT2 20 to 24 feet 60 to 102 inches
MTE Any 60 to 102 inches

Other Considerations for Your Wakeboard Tower

Length and width aren’t the only considerations you should have when choosing a wakeboard tower. You can also look at the color of the tower. Is your boat a custom color or a color that’s pretty uncommon? You should think about how you want your tower to look on your boat. Do you want the curves of the tower to match your boat? Or do you want more of a straight lined look? These are just a few other things to think about when picking a wakeboard tower. Want to know more about choosing towers based on style? Check out our traditional versus modern tower comparison.

We hope all of this information helps you pick the right wakeboard tower for your needs. If you are still unsure about which tower would be right for you, you should take advantage of our Tower Finder. This tool will help you narrow down which tower would be the best fit for your boat.

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